We harnessed the power of filmmaking to help students succeed.

In online education, student engagement is key. So we created Strayer Studios, led by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers and instructional designers.

This innovative team works together to infuse our curriculum with episodic, documentary-style films that bring courses to life and keep students coming back.

The result?
Better content leads to better outcomes.

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Students rated Studios courses 88% or above for use of real-world examples, intellectual stimulation and overall effectiveness.

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With Studios content, courses had a 6.3% increase in engagement with coursework including quizzes and discussion boards.

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5.5% more students continued to the next quarter after completing Studios courses compared to previous courses.

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The Stories

Strayer Studios presents real people with compelling stories to make classroom lessons relatable. We went back to show the subjects of our videos how their stories were integrated in our course curriculum and helped our students succeed.
Ron Finley Gangsta Gardener
Ron Finley, The Gangsta Gardener

See how a story about urban gardening and access to fresh produce helped a sociology class explore the implications of inequality and how one community took action.

Kim Coles Actress and Author
Kim Coles, Actress and Author

Through the lens of her own career as an author, comedian and actress, Kim’s story teaches students about introspection and autobiographical creative writing.

Brian W. Jones
Brian W. Jones, President, Strayer University

"The challenge was, how do we grab a student's attention? We thought a lot about binge-viewing and not being able to wait for the next episode of a show. Why can't we do that with academic content?"

Brian W. Jones, President, Strayer University

Go Inside a Course

Every film featured in a Strayer Studios course was created with a specific lesson in mind. Our faculty and instructional designers work alongside filmmakers and producers to develop and tell stories grounded in our curriculum to achieve specific learning outcomes.